Saturday, June 11, 2016

Is An Emergency Plumber Available Today?

Austin plumber I work as a manager in a small office and it is my job to make sure that everything runs as it should. I am having a huge problem with one of the toilets in the men's room and I need someone to come out and fix it right away. I love the fact that I called more than one emergency plumber, yet none of them answered the phone. I left messages, but there have been no replies as of this point. I am hoping that I can get someone out here to fix this before the start of work tomorrow.

The last time there was an issue like this, it took three days for someone to come out and repair the problem. This is unacceptable, especially since I am supposed to be running a world-class business. I am going to get on the phone and I refuse to get off of it until I find a plumber that is willing to come out here right now. Even if I have to camp out here until someone is available, I want the issue gone when everyone shows up in the morning all ready to work.

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